Eden Network Group develops UI/UX and integrates backend systems for co-retailing pioneer

Eden Network Group launched Sharefront’s online platform on time and within budget, with a UI/UX that exceeded expectations and seamlessly integrated marketing and business processes. Sharefront is now rapidly increasing customer conversions.

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Founded by commercial real estate professionals, Sharefront is a pioneer in developing, promoting, and managing co-retail properties.

Sharefront brings D2C brands that have similar target audiences together in one location to optimize foot traffic. This co-location model also lets brands enjoy prime retail space at a fraction of the cost of opening their own storefronts.

Sharefront makes it easy for D2C brands to get started with a simple four-step membership enrollment process. And Sharefront enables members to grow quickly through data-driven insights into consumer behavior


As a start-up, Sharefront needed to quickly launch an online platform, test its business model, gain market feedback, and build its customer base. The platform had to provide an exceptional user interface and user experience (UI/UX). It also had to integrate marketing and back-office operational functions to maximize efficiency and profitability.

After an intensive search for a software development partner that could take on the challenge of a nonstandard, customized solution, Sharefront chose Eden Network Group for its combination of technical skills, creativity, quality, and value. Most importantly, Eden Network Group could dedicate teams to cost-effectively develop multiple project elements simultaneously.


The Eden Network Group of UI/UX experts understood Sharefront’s urgent need for a compelling, easy-to-use platform. The site had to drive user engagement, convert visitors into customers, and grow revenue and profits.

Technologies used

Symfony framework

Hubspot integration

React, HTML5, CSS3

Cloud infrastructure (AWS)

Focus on user flow

One key success metric for the Sharefront platform was turning inbound traffic into revenue. So Eden Network Group collaborated with Sharefront’s marketing and business teams to understand the target audience, optimize the platform’s flow for users, and build an interactive experience to drive conversions

Video and animation

To make Sharefront’s content entertaining and easy to understand, Eden Network Group implemented video and animation to explain the co-retail business concept, benefits, and enrollment process.

Design feedback
through surveys and analytics

At each step of development, Sharefront’s platform design was propelled by a data-driven Agile process. Eden Network Group incorporated user and client feedback into each progressive sprint to meet or exceed design goals and user requirements.

Hubspot CRM integration

Another key success metric for Eden Network Group’s development team was integrating the Sharefront platform with CRM, marketing, and enterprise resource management (ERP) systems.

Eden Network Group always seeks the best solution to meet its client’s particular needs.

Marketing analytics

Good data analysis produces the best business and marketing decisions, and Eden Network Group has deep experience integrating analytics into digital marketing and e-commerce systems. Eden Network Group’s analytics team does not simply install tracking codes, it takes the time to understand each client’s key metrics and integrate them into automated marketing processes.

ERP integration

The Sharefront platform also needed to translate member inputs into backend business processes, such as matching a brand’s storefront needs with a dynamic database of retail properties.


While developing the front and back ends of the Sharefront platform, Eden Network Group simultaneously built a new brand identity for Sharefront. The Eden Network Group creative design team established a new corporate logo, color palette, graphic look, and style template.


With Eden Network Group’s software development, integrations, creative design, quality control, and site deployment, Sharefront was able to launch its online platform on time and within budget. The response from Sharefront’s investors, members, and prospective clients was universally positive. The UI/UX exceeded expectations, the integrations worked seamlessly as expected, and, most importantly, the number of inquiries that converted into customers increased rapidly.

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