A mobile application with image recognition (IR) solution for police officers and other emergency services. The IR platform provides a methodology for instant drug type recognition by its pill image, and to get full information about it.

Advanced technology
to ease the process

With just an image or a photo taken by smartphone, a user can find the corresponding medicine in the database. So far, the model has been learned with over 20 000 images of pills to meet the specific needs of the police officers. At the same time, the developed platform and the technology allow the database of known pills to be enlarged, making it possible to expand the areas of application of the system.

Fast searching
& classification

A convenient search algorithm and UI allow users to easily define a drug by its classifiers, shape, color, and labels. The search takes less than a second.


The description of the medicine contains all the necessary information about its effects and symptoms, which can be helpful for a user or can be used for professional purposes. Drug profiles have photos and specific marks of pills to distinguish and compare them.

Vast range
of application areas

The app can be used by any emergency service to detect substances during arrest or control. The recognition model is flexible and can be customized for specific needs, while over 100 pill types are included in the dataset out of the box.

High recognition
algorithm accuracy

The algorithm shows high accuracy rates for police applications, as it has been tuned and adjusted based on a proven industry dataset over a powerful AI solution. In addition to that, the current algorithm can be trained on additional datasets to enhance its capabilities.

Technical solution

Client’s review

My experience with Eden Network Group has been nothing short of amazing. Their work ethic and attention to detail should be emulated in all industries. It’s a joy working with Eden Network Group. The development team has lessened the stress on so many occasions, that all I can say is thank you and keep up the great work.
John Saba, CEO L.E. Solutions Inc

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