Mi3 Security provides machine learning-based security solutions for mobile apps

The company’s SaaS solutions offer rapid and comprehensive analysis capabilities of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. Mi3 Security solutions are used to analyze the application for potential risks and vulnerabilities. They dramatically improve the productivity of developers and testing teams, as well as providing IT management teams with the actionable intelligence to protect their enterprise’s privacy and security before a breach occurs.

Seamless integration to your CI/CD process

For Mi3 Security we developed a solution to integrate the Mi3 Platform into a CI/CD workflow within the iOS mobile development environment. The very first integration was done for one of the Fortune 100 banks.

Mi3 Security XCode plugin

Within one month, Eden Network Group designed and developed a solution for Mi3 Security that included an Xcode plugin which was easy to install and use.

Mi3 Security Xcode plugin lets you build and send a mobile app for a security check right from an IDE

Developers no longer need to interrupt their process and spend extra time on routine tasks. This new solution also simplifies business processes, speeds up and automates security checks, and helps to integrate Mi3 Security solutions from the early development stage and keep clients' apps secure for the whole development cycle up to final release to users.

Bringing our experience and
practices to build the solution

As mobile developers in Eden Network Group, we were also target users for this product; so we paid special attention to making it useful and convenient based on our own experience. We validated all the solutions internally, applying them to real life projects and iterating until a perfect result was achieved.

Mi3 Security now acquired by a leading threat defense company

The global leader in mobile device security has broadened its portfolio of mobile device security solutions by acquiring Mi3 Security. Mi3’s Security RECON Platform has been incorporated into that portfolio.

Used technologies

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Client's review

We had the opportunity to work with Eden Network Group on one of our iOS development projects. After working with Eden Network Group, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the team, their work and the experience that they brought to the project was truly exceptional. I would work with Eden Network Group again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them for any mobile project at any stage of the development process!
Kevin S. Mullenex, CEO & Founder at Mi3 Security Inc.

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