An AI-enhanced mobile application for foodies to find a perfect restaurant based on their personal tastes.


As a mobile app which helps to choose the best places for unique gastronomic experiences, Fredd AI is based on the experience and feedback of thousands of gourmets, experts in the restaurant market and guests. It collects and analyzes all the necessary data, best rating services (Zagat, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Foursquare, Micheline) and people reviews to use an independent and proven algorithm to find the best places for you.

Over 1000 hand-picked restaurants in your area

Fredd considers your choice and selects only the best places in your location. No matter if you are looking for a place to have lunch, or planning a trip to another city, Fredd is always in your pocket with a varied catalog and a map of cuisines and dishes near you.

Fredd Artificial Intelligence

Fredd has a unique AI algorithm based on gourmet expertise that analyzes your tastes and preferences from your use of the application to offer a set of the most suitable options for dining.


Fredd AI offers you special collections of lists of places and recommendations from food writers, restaurant critics and experts, which you can consult every day. These smart collections focus exclusively on the places relevant for the current moment and location. The selection depends on the time of the day, season, local events, modern trends, and places located nearby.

Restaurant cards

Every restaurant has its personal profile card with all the necessary information, photos, ratings (Zagat, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Foursquare, Micheline), and menu. In addition, restaurants' teams are presented in the card, so that guests can get to know the chef and cooks in advance, as well as voting for the restaurants, team members and meals to show their appreciation of the restaurant and its service.

Smart search

Fredd offers a quick, simple, smart search feature to find everything you need. Just start typing your request to see how it works.


FREDD knows the price of your time: that’s why it calculates the time you need to get to each restaurant and shows it right next to the restaurant. You do not need to switch over to navigation apps, calculate routes and so on. Just choose the place, press “Route to,” and FREDD will do the rest.

On your way to the restaurant

Fredd knows the value of your time: that’s why it calculates the time you need to get to each restaurant in the current traffic and shows this time directly in the restaurant card. We have implemented a special algorithm for calculating the driving time. This technology calculates the routes online and uses caching mechanisms to increase the speed of operation and lower the costs of Google Maps API usage.

Facebook authorization

The setup process takes less than 10 seconds and can use your existing Facebook account to make it even faster. You can also find Fredd users among your Facebook friends and invite new members to become Fredd explorers.

Management interface for restaurateurs

Fredd loves restaurants and their teams: that’s why we provide management access for each restaurant. Using this functionality, restaurants can update the data for their establishment, contact the Fredd team, and take advantage of the special business features.

Own collection and sharing with friends

Create your personal restaurant collection and share it with your friends. They are sure to love Fredd and you can embark on a journey of exploring new places in the city together.

Share your restaurant photos with the Fredd community

We care a lot about the quality of data and photos we provide to our users. You can take part in helping our Fredd community and submit your own photo of any restaurant or dish.

Our expertise and technologies used

Native iOS app developed on Swift

Client's review

Fredd is a sophisticated and smart product, into which our professional team has put all its experience in the field of haute cuisine and the restaurant business. We wanted to find a team of professionals in mobile development and AI to implement all our ideas at the highest possible level in the form of intelligent algorithms, plus a convenient and functional mobile app with good design. We are delighted to work with the Eden Network Group. Together with Eden Network Group, we live this product as we discuss, implement and test new functions, to see the app becoming better and better.

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