Android mobile app for a quick groceries delivery service

FoodRocket is a service of fresh grocery delivery within 15 minutes or less. Your purchase can be delivered to your door in a blink of an eye. Food Rocket is now available for both iOS and Android users.

Meet the Food Rocket Android mobile app

The Food Rocket Android mobile app offers its users a quick and easy way to order groceries within 15 minutes or less. The service offers unique sales and promo codes on a wide variety of products making sure you get the quickest delivery service and the best quality of foods. The application was developed with a concept that anyone should be able to get their groceries delivered. Therefore the app has been developed to be intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

Best goods in one catalog

The Food Rocket app contains a vast catalog of fresh goodies with an individual image of each product all within a single screen. This makes the navigation process for customers faster, and the search for something new way more exciting. No more wandering between multi-level categories.

whatever is needed

Subcategories are meant to distinguish products within larger categories, therefore making shopping for specific goodies, such as vegan or non-dairy, much easier.

Extended & detailed product cards

Each product card is organized to present customers with the best information about each item. Product descriptions are detailed, while a set of images and nutritional facts are included to help customers make healthy choices. We have also added tags on special product group categories such as vegan, organic or gluten-free, to make navigation easier.

Easy delivery

The app automatically searches for the nearest FoodRocket warehouse so that a customer can get the quickest service delivery. Seconds after the user enters the delivery address the app assigns the closest delivery spot and shows available items.

Ready, steady, add to cart

The FoodRocket app is designed to not only save money but time by making checkout easier than ever. The cart is located on the screen, just one click away. Also, placing the order requires zero effort or information. Customers can sign into the app on the go, using just a phone number. So, it literally takes seconds to place an order.

Hey, Food Rocket! Where’s my order?

The app will notify you once the order has been placed, or when it's been received, as well as the time estimated for delivery. When we built this app, we wanted to make sure Food Rocket customers have full transparency into what follows the order so that they can pick up the delivery at the right time.

Aligned with Google Maps

As an industry leader in mapping services, Google Maps integration creates a much better service experience for customers while assisting every tier of business. Geolocation and address detection allows users to search for the nearest delivery spot, while it can determine the quickest route to the customer for the delivery. This feature elevates the service making it fast and high-grade.

Data analytics for better service

In-app analytics aim to help understand customers’ needs better. Food Rocket uses an extended set of analytics solutions to ensure every customer is satisfied with every product in the catalog. The app usage and UI can also be improved based on the data that has been collected.

Food Rocket services are built on the effectiveness of high-quality logistics, which requires analysis integrated into each step of the business process. The app’s analytics system helps monitor and continuously improve the quality and speed of the order of deliveries, goods purchasing and overall client-facing services.

Technologies used

Client's review

Food Rocket aims to empower its service with product analytics. By collecting and correlating data on products being bought together or within similar baskets, the application will be able to help users to pick something similar in place of an out-of-stock yoghurt or give advice on what would go well together with that lovely steak.
Vitaly Alexandrov
CEO of FoodRocket

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