FlashGrid makes Oracle database high availability simple and robust

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FlashGrid is a global team of experts in database and infrastructure. FlashGrid software allows enterprises to run mission-critical databases on a commodity compute, storage, and network infrastructure of their choice.

Personal Product pages

Our goal for this project was to create a powerful corporate website that can fit the needs of a rapidly developing team. The design of the website was intentionally developed in the enterprise business style with a coherent structure, easy navigation, and apprehensibility in the description of each product.

Internal menu with subpages

The structure of the internal menu with subpages allows the creation of a standalone navigation to each product section. This is how we present each FlashGrid solution with its own mini website, separating information, yet giving customers the most information about each product.

Case studies

Case studies are pages with dedicated product descriptions and other information that is valuable to FlashGrid customers.


Each product section contains a Video page to present the full scope of information about each solution.

Launch FlashGrid
products straight from
the website

The FlashGrid website allows for the setup, launch, and testing of each solution in the cloud with just a few clicks. The Launcher offers rapid product configuration with easy customization.

Request a product demo easily

Requesting a product demo is now easier than ever with a quick fill-in form on the top of the website and on each product page. FlashGrid specialists are ready to answer your questions, do a product demo, and help with evaluation.

Flashgrid Solutions by clouds

While creating the website interface and navigation, we took FlashGrid use cases and customer need as a basis. We divided FlashGrid solutions into several types so that a client can have an overview and easy navigation.

Flashgrid Solutions by industries

FlashGrid solutions can be applied in multiple industries. By checking case studies on the website, every customer can evaluate a successful track record of the company.

FlashGrid support system

The company’s customer-centric approach takes technical support to another level via the website. That’s why we made it so much easier to access and fill in technical support requests.

Technologies used

Here are the technologies used by Eden Network Group for this project:

This project required the use of the most proven and secure solutions. As a team, we wanted to deliver FlashGrid and its customers the ultimate experience when using a website. With the technologies applied, FlashGrid will have easy maintenance and plenty of room for scaling.

Knowledge base

The company's knowledge base is a unique portal, containing all sorts of information regarding products, deployment and troubleshooting. It was important here to create a clear structure that would allow customers to navigate and find answers within seconds. Along with delivering a website design, our teams both agreed to extend this project into creating a new Help Center. Click the link below to check out how it turned out:

Created with ♥ by Eden Network Group.


The Eden Network Group studied FlashGrid’s product and marketing strategy to make sure all of our requirements were addressed. Together, we found the look and feel for the website that are suitable for a company working in the enterprise segment. The new website turned out very intuitive and easy to navigate. After deployment, website support and updates are maintained by Eden Network Group. This is a very productive engagement model as we now have a competent team available to make changes on a short notice. All in all, great job Eden Network Group.
Art Danielov
CEO and CTO of FlashGrid

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