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Aerostarter is an innovative, breakthrough service for anyone within the aviation community with a rich set of features for flight schools, instructors, and pilots.

We help students to find their way to flying

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Everyone who wants to learn the art of flying will enjoy Aerostarter. Using this intelligent system, each student can select the right cursus for education and development, while the service provides a reliable match for the skilled instructors and aircraft providers in the student’s area. In addition to the search system, Aerostarter offers an instructor service with built-in tools for reservations and payments, event reminders and an automated pilot log.

Find an instructor
based on your goals

Private pilot

Have a personal exploration flight over the area with or have a flying lesson with a private instructor

Aerobatic pilot

Enjoy the thrill of aerobatics and experience new emotions in the art of flying

Airline pilot

Travel in ultimate comfort on a private jet with the help of a personal airline pilot.

Optimal for you

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Flight schools

Aerostarter has collected and cataloged all the flight schools in your area. The schools catalog provides a comprehensive information base about the organizations and their instructors, available aircrafts, courses, and pricing. In parallel, we continually collect customer feedback to drive ratings to help improve the student and instructor experience.

Booking system

Aerostarter makes flying simple. Students do not need to worry about barriers to finding an instructor and organizing an aircraft rental for practical flying, as the booking system does it for them. This service allows you to centrally book the demo or training flight, with all the parties involved automatically receiving a notification about the date, the time, and the payment.

Aerostarter for instructors

Collaboration with instructors is a core focus of Aerostarter. The service is highly beneficial for instructor pilots due to the large pool of students of different levels, while also providing a useful online platform for student and aircraft provider search and interaction, automated scheduling, and invoicing. We have also integrated payment processing to allow easy credit card payments.

Aerostarter for flight schools

The platform offers versatile opportunities and tools to hire new instructors and to attract new student pilots. Aerostarter supports all the customer communications between the schools and students from signing the agreement to payment, which is also conducted via a secure integrated system with minimal commissions. In addition, the entire stack of services is completely free for schools.

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