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We specialize in taking your idea, vision, or business goal and transforming it into a mobile application or enterprise digital solution. With decades of development experience, a deep understanding of global markets, and unmatched technical expertise, our team has everything you need to create great products.

Let us help you choose the best path forward to deliver the perfect solution.

At Eden Network Group, we don’t just develop apps, we build, accelerate, and support your business.

Our services


We are experts in iOS and Android native development, as well as React Native.

Back-end Development

We have deep experience with scalable, high-load-ready, back-end infrastructures for any mobile or web app. We have built a wide range of high-quality solutions for SasS, FinTech, HeathTech, Marketplace, ERP, and BI.

Front-end Development

Our engineers build robust, high-quality front ends for web applications, with great usability and adaptivity for any platform or device.


If you want your business to benefit from AI technology, add our experts to your team for innovative mobile AI, server AI, and machine-learning solutions.

Game Development

Game Development is the art of creating games and describes the design, development, and release of a game. It may involve concept generation, design, build, test, and release.

Team Augmentation

Hire an individual or let us put together a custom group of professionals who become a dedicated extension of your team.

Based in Silicon Valley.
Operate worldwide.

From the heart of the world's Hi-tech center, we bring the latest trends and the best technologies for your business’ success.

Our executive team

Technical solutions we use

Cloud software

We lead projects based on the latest and most robust technologies for software delivery like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


We design and build module architectures using RESTful API and WebSocket, so that our projects are flexible, scalable and upgradeable. We have our own best practices, components and modules for API and back-end development.

AI technologies

We use our own technologies in image recognition and computer vision, and have experience with OpenCV, Dlib, Caffe, TensorFlow and CUDA.


We use manual and automatic testing methodologies and software, like Unit, Codeception and Selenium.

Code review

We make a regular code review and prefer test-driven development.

Data base

We optimize project data handling: MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Sphynx, Amazon SQS/RabbitMQ.


We document projects and use special software like Swagger to automate the process.


We do not reinvent the wheel but use the best existing solutions and libraries as much as possible to make future support easy and efficient.

UI/UX design

We design in Sketch, prototype in Axure, InVision and Principle, and have extensive experience with Adobe Creative Cloud stack and Figma.Q.

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